Colorable Placemats

Colorable-PlacematsOur imprintable placemats are all 17″ wide by 11″ high and will keep a child or adult entertained for many hours. Don’t let anybody play with their food – give them a placemat to play with instead. These fun-filled placemats measure 11″ x 17″ and are a hit with kids, and now adults, at restaurants, special events, schools, birthday parties and more! Featuring various themes (butterflies, dinosaurs, ocean, princesses, space, trains), they can complete fun activities like a maze, a word search, and connect-the-dots as well as color.

‘Fully Customized’ Colorable Placemats 11″ x 17″ Have a restaurant or business that you would like your own themed colorable placemats? Let us illustrate, design and print them for you.

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Looking for a custom colorable placemat for your restaurant, business, or event? Let us illustrate, design and print them for you!

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